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 Roleplay Rule Book

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rule Book   Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:55 am

*~* Once there was a great builder, known throughout the land for his magnificent works, and his unique insight into architecture. He was content to spend the rest of his days building, providing marvelous structures for the citizens of the four kingdoms. But then came a dark sorcerer bent on taking over the peaceful land with his undead hoards. Farmers, miners, and builders alike watched and fled in terror as their beautiful homes were destroyed, their land ruined. They all fled and the great builder, lost now after seeing his great creations destroyed fled the farthest. As he wandered his mind was riddled with questions and a deep, dark depression. What the point in building if his precious gifts could be so easily destroyed? What was his purpose if not to create those gifts?

After his time his wandering brought him down an old forest road. He walked upon it giving little thought to where it might lead. Letting his feet drag him on, he came upon a clearing. In the center upon a rock sat a beautiful elf maiden. Her light hair cascaded down her shoulder as she appeared to but deep in thought, parchment and quill in hand. As the man approached, enamored by her radiance, she looked up and a warm smile graced her lips.

"Greetings, traveler. What brings you to my clearing?" She asked warmly. The man, tired and enthralled sunk down down to his knees. He took off his cap and his tired eyes met her bright emerald ones.
"My lady, I am lost, so lost..." He said wearily. "A mad sorcerer attacked our land and destroyed all of my precious creations. So easily they crumbled...I have no more purpose. I have nothing to create..."
The elf maiden smiled and gingerly touched his quivering hands.
"My dear stranger, I don't believe that's true. I'm sure there is something." She cooed.
"But what could I create with my knowledge that would last? What is so invincible?" He asked desperately.
"I know of one thing." She said, and she fished from her pocket a second quill, handing it to the man before passing him the parchment. "Write with me a story. A story is the most eternal thing in this world. For stories pass from person to person, never to be forgotten. A story is forever, and this one we can share." ~*~


I like roleplaying but I'm not an expert. I make mistakes, and I always have more to learn.
That being said, if anyone has anything they want me to add or corrections to make, let me know!

Now then, moving right along, what you may ask is the point of that intro? Well it actually has two purposes!
First: It is a roleplaying sample! I know I know, you're probably like "What? But Murderous, roleplaying doesn't look like that!" Well I suppose sometimes it doesn't. But a lot of forum roleplaying does! Because unlike in a chat room or on the server, forum roleplay takes time to respond to, and so it isn't in "real time" so to speak. But we'll go into more detail on that in another section.
Second: A roleplay is actually a cooperative story! You are working together with someone to write a tale of fiction! And you aren't the only one reading it. A lot of people enjoy reading RPs. Because an RP is a story, and stories are forever. That being said, there are a few ground rules and common courtesies used in roleplaying you should know before just jumping in! Lets get to it!

There are many rules and guidelines one should follow to create a good story and to keep from making readers and partners angry. and we'll get to those momentarily! But first, here some rules that apply to this particular forum!


1) All server rules apply. Now some of them are obviously going to be an exception (e.g. you can't really 'hack' or 'x-ray' an rp), but others will simply take on a different meaning. For example, 'griefing' and RP in this case can mean deliberately sabotaging the story line. Free killing can mean killing the other player in RP without permission. Other rules such as 'Do not use ALL caps' and 'minimal cursing' also still apply.
2) Keep is PG-13. If you want to go have X-rated roleplays somewhere else, where we can't see it, feel free. But there are kids on the server. So no sexy times and if you want to do a violent RP don't make your descriptions overly graphic please.
3) Respect the RP and the RPers. This sort of goes along with 'no griefing'. Don't deliberately sabotage an RP. If it says [Private] or [Invite] don't go barging in like "Ermahgerd hi I'm Steve, I'm a hooman, and I really like cats". If another player is uncomfortable with something you are posting about, try to be respectful. And keep in mind we have a lot of RPers here, some with quite a bit of experience, some with no experience. And we have kids too. If a post seems juvenile or silly to you, don't single people out, don't make fun of them. Which brings me to my next rule...
4) No harassment. This sort of goes along with rules one and three, but I feel I need to emphasize it. This rule covers not only what I said above in rule three, but also areas like invite requests. If you PM someone and they don't invite you, don't harass them. Don't pester them. And don't get mad and flame them. Everyone has their own style of roleplaying and it could be yours just isn't their cup of tea. Or perhaps you're inexperienced and they want someone more seasoned, or vice versa! Just because you don't get invited doesn't mean someone doesn't like you. So don't get hung up over it, just move on.

I think that about covers specific rules for the MultiCraft Legends forums. Let me know, staff and players, if anything should be added! Or staff can add it themselves!

In the next subject, I will extensively go over the golden rules of roleplaying, and how not to make people hate your character!

Part Three: The Do's and Dont's of Roleplaying Anywhere

Now with the server rules come a bunch of more rules that should be followed no matter where you're playing, be it on this server, this forum, another forum, a chat room- ANYWHERE. Don't just skim these unless you are a long-time roleplayer who is confident in your skills. Even then they are worth a look over!

1) No Godmodding.
Nobody likes a godmodder. And now some of you newer folk are going, "What's godmodding?" Well, godmodding can work in two ways. And brace yourselves, this is a BIG rule, so it'll be a long one!

A) When a player controls the other players actions. This is the one RPers are most familiar with as it happens very easily, sometimes unintentionally. Just remember not to decide things for the other player. You always have to be fair. Here is a quick example!

Player A) Steve walked in, waving hello to (your character) He watched as (your character) descended the stairs, asking him if he wanted some of the sandwich (he/she) was eating.

Right away Player A has controlled three of your actions. Player A made him/her walk down stairs, eating a sandwich, and offering it to Steve! This is very NOT cool! But unfortunately it's also easy to do. This is particularly challenging in combat roleplay. Here is another example.

Player A) Steve swings at (your character) with a dagger, slashing him across the chest.

Now this might not seem like a big deal, but by typing it up this way, player A has not given you the option to decide whether or not you got hit. What it SHOULD look like it this:

Player A) Steve swings at (your character) attempting to slash his chest.

This is what makes combat roleplay and godmodding a challenge to separate, because on the one hand, player A shouldn't just decide Steve gets hit. On this other hand, as player B while perhaps a simple slash might not hit you, you also shouldn't be invincible. Which is where godmodding type two comes in!

Your character is not invincible. Could you hypothetically play a deity type character? Certainly, but for Gods sakes, make him/her defeatable! Don't be that jerk with the unstoppable killing machine that never dies and never makes a mistake. Here is an example:

Player A) Steve attempted to swing at (your character) trying to slash open his chest.
Player B) Is slashed but the wound instantly heals and he takes no damage.

You just made yourself one of the biggest butt-heads of roleplaying and you should be ashamed! Sure, okay so you're playing a god-type character, but even in fantasy stories, they have some way to be defeated. Don't do this!

2) No Metagaming.
Now this is a role that applies a bit more to table top gaming but I think it still applies here. Metagaming is when you use knowledge you gained as a player in-character. I know all of these terms are a bit confusing so here is an example!

Let's say the person you are playing with put up a bio for their character which reveals that their character's mother is a famous assassin. You have read the bio and you know this but YOUR character is new to the area and would not. So it would be inappropriate for your character to suddenly say "So what's it like having an assassin for a mother?"

3) Keep OOC and IC Separate.
Okay now I've really lost you new players. I'm speaking in tongues! What are all of these abbreviations? Well it's actually quite simple! There are two types of conversation in roleplaying. There is Out of Character conversation, or things you say as YOURSELF, not as your character. And then there is In Character conversation, which is what most of the roleplaying should be. In forum roleplay and sometimes chat room roleplay there is a very simple way to differentiate the two! Just use brackets when you aren't talking in character! Now this is less of a 'do this or you'll look like a jerk' rule and more of a 'here is a way to confuse your friends less' rule. Here is a sample!

Steve shrugged and sipped at his beverage, smiling before adding, "He really wasn't much of a challenge. I defeated him in under twenty-minutes, after all!"
((By the way, saw your characters bio, pic is awesome!!!))

Right there we saw the two types of conversations, one with the character and one out of character from one player to another! Easy! Or you can keep all OOC conversation to private messaging if you wish.

4) Don't be a Mary Sue/Gary Stu/Drama Queen

These sort of go along with the 'you aren't a god' thing. If you don't know what a Mary Sue is, well it's pretty easy to get. You know that main character that's sooooo talented and likeable and never does anything wrong and everything revolves around him or her? That's Mary Sue/Gary Stu. And if you want to be a successful roleplayer you should avoid this character archetype. Why? Because nobody wants to hang with a spotlight hog. This is especially a rude character to play if you are in someone elses RP. Just remember at all times that your characters aren't immune to error, and to share the spotlight. Which is where the Drama Queen comes in. Everyone likes drama, but overdoing it can ruin a good story. As much as your character isn't a god, it would be wise to also not make the have the worst luck of anyone ever and have horrible things constantly happening to them. Drama is like a spice- a bit is great, too much spoils the meal!

5) Don't Be Lazy
This is again one of the courtesies, but this one also depends on the type of Roleplaying style you use. For example, I've seen a lot of people doing chat style roleplaying. What I mean by this is I see posts like: "*pats him on the head* There there, it will be fine."

But do you guys recall what I said earlier, about how roleplaying is like writing a story? Well when I'm reading a story I like detail. And when I'm writing one, I like to show off my prowess. So while some roleplays look like that example, which is FINE if that is how you like to roleplay, I'm not hatin', other roleplays look like this!

~Marching in through the large oscillating doors, he was greeted by a sweet looking auburn haired young woman at the front desk.
"Good evening Steve!" She said, almost standing up out of her seat. Steve tipped his head politely to her and bid her "hello" in return. "How are you tonight?" She asked, her eyes following the two of them to the elevator.
"Just fine thank you." He said softly, her face lighting up as if she were going to ask him something else just as the metal doors closed.~

This post has many things, but primarily, it has detail and it reads like a story. This is the proper way to post in this style, but there is also an improper way, a lazy way, and it looks something like this!

~Steve walked to the elevator. The secretary waved hello but he ignored her sort of.~

WOW. If I was writing a serious story in the RP style and someone left me a two sentence response like this, I'd be pissed off! And now, an awkward transition to my next point!

6) Respect the Story

When you join an RP you are helping someone else write their tale. You are a character in their book. That being said, it is considered very rude to derail the story either in your favor or because you can. Now I know I mentioned a rule like this above, but this is serious stuff! There a lot of ways to disrespect a story. One would be, like I stated above, just not taking it seriously. Another would be to intentionally drag the story kicking and screaming in a direction it doesn't want to go in. I will use on of my old ones as an example. It was a semi-romance where I was playing a rebellious royal and a futuristic, post-anarchist state. The idea was for my character to meet someone that would help them change their ways or make them leave their family. Instead the other person played a psychopath who infiltrated the castle, killed some guards, and took my character's sibling hostage. I was devastated! And that there is a perfect example of someone not respecting my story, though in their defense I probably should have told them it had upset me.
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Roleplay Rule Book
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