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 Ban Appeal Format

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal Format   Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:53 am

Ban Appeals are not meant for shouting at staff or starting arguments with people on the forum. Post your appeal. Wait until the staff have reached a conclusion. Go along with the conclusion.

*Only Permanent bans may be appealed. Temporary bans must be served.
*An appeal that does not adhere to the given format will not be considered.
*Not all appeals will be accepted.
*Remember to spell your Minecraft username correctly if you expect to be unbanned if approved.
*Arguing with staff about the ban will get you no where. We aren't responsible for your actions.

Please do not post on ban appeals, if you are only there to mock the person to no end. Be nice, there are some people on here who are genuinely sorry for their actions, and want to return. If you have a gripe with someone, tell a Moderator, and we'll look into it, don't go and destroy someone's reputation.

Minecraft Username:

Ban Reason (What it says when you try to log in):

Who Banned You (If you know):

Added Notes:
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Ban Appeal Format
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