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 Available Jobs

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PostSubject: Available Jobs   Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:46 am

Didn't see a job thread so here are short descriptions of the 9 different professions. Professions are not classes. A profession is simply what your character does for a living and what goods you sell in the world of MultiCraft: Legends. This is a classless server so you decide how to equip and fight with your character.

Alchemist: This is a later game profession that doesn't really come into effect until level 4. You are able to create potions.
Baker: Bake basic food (bread), you can obtain more ingredients from other players to make more variety.
Butcher: You get raw meat. Find a carpenter or generalist and buy some fuel for the fire.
Carpenter: You get wood *snicker snicker*. Wood is useful for making equipment and as fuel.
Gatherer: Has a variety of fruits and vegetables along with a couple other things.
Generalist: Has a bunch of odds and ends that players will find useful.
Jeweler: This is a later game profession that doesn't really come into effect until level 4. Jeweler's typically work close with alchemists to enhance potions.
Smithy: you get iron ore. This is a must as diamond is incredibly rare.
Tailor: The tailor gets leathers and dye. Make casual wear for players or mix rare colors for the rich! (my favorite profession)
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Available Jobs
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